The Truth about Romanian Vampires: Strigoi FAQ

3 Jul

Want the truth about Romanian vampires? Check out this helpful Strigoi FAQ

Ok, now we know about the real Vlad Tepes, but what about VAMPIRES?? Let’s not forget about Bram Stoker’s vampire character, the reason all of those green-eyed teeny-bopper superstars can make a living as actors.

The vampire myth is largely based off of the Romanian folkloric character of the ‘Strigoi,’ the possessed evil soul of a dead person. Although no one has reported any cases of Strigoi blood-sucking, there are other noteworthy similarities.

A strigoi or your crazy uncle Joe?

Q: How do I successfully identify a Strigoi?

A: He/she will be bald. He/she will avoid both onions and garlic. He/she also has a hairy tale, although it will likely be hidden from sight.

Q: How did this happen??

A: There are several possibilities:

  • It was a child who died before being baptized.
  • It is the soul of someone who performed only dastardly deeds in his/her lifetime.
  • It was a sick person who walked over a cat and died shortly after
  • After death, its grave was walked over by a cat, dog, chicken or any other bird

Or maybe it was the mother’s fault:

  • She could have drank so-called “accursed water” (I don’t want to imagine where that comes from) when she was pregnant

Q: How do I know if there is a Strigoi in my village?

A: Check for the following tell-tale signs:

  • There has been a drought in your village
  • Your strength, corn, or cow’s milk is being stolen
  • It is a full moon and ‘nasty things’ are happening
  • It is hailing. Hard.

Q: What does it mean if it rains while the sun it out? Should I blame the Strigoi?

A: Certainly. This has occurred because the Strigoi is getting married.

Q: What’s the deal with St. Andrew’s night? How can I protect myself from the Strigoi?

A: All precautions must be taken on St. Andrew’s night since this evening belongs to the Strigoi. They are apt to dance wildly while wrecking terror throughout your village. Men should sprinkle water on young women to prevent them from being harmed by the Strigoi.

Q: How do I get rid of the Strigoi?

A: I’m afraid it’s not simple. The first step is to invite priests to have a ceremony around the Strigoi’s grave. Please note that that this rarely works, although it certainly won’t hurt your cause. If this is unsuccessful, you must drive a stake through the heart of the corpse and then nail the corpse to the coffin in order to prevent it from escaping.

Good luck!


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