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Sarajevo: Culinary Impressions

17 Jul

Excellent presentation

Bosnian Coffee (a.k.a. Turkish coffee) is totally amazing. There is a courtyard cafe in the Bascarsija next to the museum of Sevdalinka music. It was there that I had the most amazing coffee of my life. It’s served in the traditional copper Turkish coffee set and costs only 1 euro. “The people here have no job but somehow they find the 1 euro a day to sit around drinking Bosnian coffee and chatting,” my tour guide Verena told me.

Egyptian ice cream served at Egypat, (a cafe on the main street) is amazingly thick, creamy and delicious. I would even say it’s life-changing. Only 1 Bosnian mark (.50 euro) for a scoop!

I was staying in a hostel located in a family home. It was really nice and just a 3 minute walk from the old town. I went wandering with some Australian girls on my second night. We had a hard time finding places in the Bascasija that sold beer, so we moved from cafe to cafe for a while, misled by umbrellas advertising non-alcoholic brews. At dinner, I had the most delicious dish: polenta with cubes of smoked pork, cheese and egg- good stuff! I also had Cevapi a couple of time. This is a traditional Balkan dish- it’s something like fast-food but a bit better: mini grilled sausages served with a floury bread and raw onion. It might sound strange, but it was not at all bad, and usually costs something like 1.5 euro.

It seems to be a bit problematic to be a vegetarian in the Balkans. Verena told me the mindset is something like “If there’s no meat, then it’s not a meal.”


Covering Ground

25 Jun

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen: the 6 countries and 18 cities (give or take a few) that I’ve proposed to explore. Can I do it? Perhaps. Will I try? You’d better believe it.

All preparations are going smoothly thus far- stay tuned for some pre-travel ponderings!